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We are a data center specialist that serves all the businesses, big or small, in whatever industry you are in. We can provide you with consultation, product, project execution and also maintain your data center infrastructure.

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Thinker Engineering was born in 2021. Realizing that the world is moving towards digitalization, we aspire to bring the vision come to life for all businesses out there. We are two young men that came from a humble local university that ends up in a data center business during our fresh working years. As we both progress in our careers, we took notice that businesses which have digitalised their workflow, from human resource management to operation management, will always comes out to be performing better than their competitors. Gone were the days where people use typewriters and papers to store most of their data. We help to excel companies to greater heights by keeping up to the latest technology.

Equipped with specialised technical knowledge, sound business acumen and very strong support from our funders, we strive to serve all the businesses out there. No matter how big or small, from which ever industry you are, we can help you in your digitalization transformation.


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Thinker Engineering vision is to become the world leader in providing the latest technology to all business out there. We strive for quality and excellence in all our works.

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